Economic predictions for 2017 outlined by IoD Chief Economist

At an IoD lunch on Friday 20th January at Coworth Park, Ascot, James Sproule, the IOD Chief Economist outlined his Economic Predictions for 2017. His talk stimulated much food for thought and some insightful questions from attendees. His key points were:-

  • Theresa May will trigger Article 50 in 2017
  • UK tax revenues will continue to disappoint
  • Populist revolts are far from over (in Europe and further afield)
  • Significant cyber attacks will bring down a company
  • European banks are in serious trouble
  • ‘Hyper’ migrations could see a million people cross the Mediterranean

Looking further ahead, he predicted some Future Trends beyond 2017:-

  • Social Media will drive public sector reform
  • Fiscal consolidation will eventually raise questions over spending priorities
  • A ‘failed nation’ status will develop
  • Government debt will cease to be risk free
  • London will remain Europe’s financial centre

“These predictions are bold and thought provoking,” said Sue Dormer of Tradewind Marketing. “I shall look with interest over 2017 to see which come true.”